Printing technology may have revolutionised our industry, but our clients still really value our input, based on decades of experience.

PrintHub (previously Acculith Repro Ltd) has been around for over 40 years, having started life in London’s Brick Lane before migrating north to Barnet. Now our state-of-the-art equipment has a new home in Welwyn Garden City, but we’ve never lost sight over the ethos that underpinned the company from the very beginning, and still applies to every job we do, namely:

·      Everything we do is honest and transparent

·      If we spot an issue, we’ll highlight it right away

·      If we can see a better solution, we’ll always offer it

·      We never compromise quality to save a few pence

·      We’ll keep you posted, every step of the way

·      No matter how big or small a project, we always approach it in the same, professional manner.

And as much as we pride ourselves on our creative and technical capabilities, we also believe that traditional values such as politeness, kindness and integrity have a role to play in establishing and maintaining strong business relationships.